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Types of Powerball Tickets

To increase your chances of winning Powerball, you can use some special gameplay options available when you buy tickets online on theLotter.

  • Individual tickets are the most popular option, especially with those who want to pick their own numbers. You must buy at least 3 lines, but if you want to cover more ground, the sky is the limit!
  • Syndicates give you the chance to play more tickets for less money! How does it work? When buying syndicate shares, you go into the game with more tickets and split the cost with the other syndicate members. There are always several types of Powerball syndicates available.
  • Bundles allow you to combine the advantages of syndicates and individual tickets. With a bundle package you get both an individual ticket and a number of syndicate shares . This way you reduce the investment and increase your odds of winning.
  • Systematic forms allow you to cover every possible combination of more lucky numbers. If instead of 5, you want to enter 7 numbers, for instance, your best option is a systematic form. If you match even some of the Powerball numbers, they will appear on more tickets and you will get more prizes. Systematic forms are available for individual Powerball tickets, but the concept is also used when building Powerball syndicates.
  • Multi-Draws are packages of individual tickets or syndicate shares that you can purchase in advance. This allows you to enter a pre-determined number of draws (up to 52).
  • Subscriptions allow you to enter every single draw of your favourite lottery until you unsubscribe. Your loyalty is rewarded with the 10th ticket free of charge.
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